About The Vine


I’m Eve Durante and welcome to The Vine.

I started The Vine in 2016 to deliver a line of pasta sauces made with fresh ingredients, less sodium, and far less sugar than any others on the market. Inspired by my mother in law’s love of fresh ingredients, The Vine’s product line include pasta sauce, salsa, and ketchup, all of which hold the traditional values of good cooking: simple, fresh, and nourishing.

My mother in law, Angela, was the matriarch of the Durante family of Queens, New York. She had three married children, 4 grandchildren, and the weekly Sunday dinner for 12 to 16 people, was an elaborate meal where we gathered, debated, and most importantly, we ate together. Every Sunday at 3:00 pm sharp, the house filled up with the whole family.

The oversized oval table was set with china, silver, and an heirloom white lace tablecloth. It was crowded and noisy, and Angela’s favorite day of the week. Her food was her top priority and it was prepared with the precision and aptitude of a contestant in the final round of Top Chef.

Preparations for Sunday dinner started on Friday mornings. I would pick up Angela to shop for Sunday dinner. We went to downtown Manhattan to Faicco’s Italian Specialties on Bleeker Street for fresh sausages, meats and imported Parmigiana Reggiano and the Sullivan Street Bakery, which was the only place in New York that baked a good bread, according to her. When we got home, Angela lined everything up in the kitchen where we started prepping the meal.

Come Sunday, the table was bursting with food. From fresh Ensalada Caprese on one end of the table, to Clams Oreganata on the other, and a platter of Veal Scaloppini right in the middle, appetizers were always spectacular. An hour later, when you had a little more room, dinner was served. Dinner might have been fresh Pasta Primavera, Osso Bucco, Veal Rollatini, Baked Ravioli smothered in fresh mozzarella, and Stuffed Artichokes, to name a few. It was quite a meal. No one went hungry in that house and everyone left with a bag of leftovers for later.

The sauce was always of particular concern for me. Angela taught me how to prepare Sunday gravy, a meat sauce, and slow cooked marinara sauce. She had a big stainless steel pot she received as a wedding gift that was used exclusively for her Sunday sauce.

I could still hear her words, “When you add more garlic, more onions and lots of basil, you don’t need to use as much salt and sugar!” Angela taught me a lot about cooking and many other things.

Angela’s tomato sauce was the inspiration for The Vine. By using fresh ingredients, I have created an organic plant-based line that is full of vegetables and low in sodium and sugar. I am committed to providing you with the best quality and a delicious end product.


In good health,